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LR Physics works closely with the Liege University (ULg) to assist local SMEs in their innovation and R&D.

From the ULg200 project to the Nanogrids project, LR Physics gets its roots from the Science department (Faculté des Sciences). The founder, Leila Rebbouh, holds a PhD in Physics of Materials.

The University of Liege – ULg

(source: wiki)
The University was founded in 1817 by William I of the Netherlands, then King of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. Along with his Minister of Education, Anton Reinhard Falck, they created the ULg. With the  long intellectual tradition of the Bishopric of Liège, they created the foundations. Beginning in the eleventh century, the influence of the prince-bishops of Liège attracted students and prominent scientists and philosophers.As the reputation of its medieval schools was growing, it gaves the city the reputation of a new Athens.

A 17 March 1808 decree by Napoleon I concerning the organization of an imperial university indicated Liège as the site of a new academy. Then It was composed of a Faculty of Arts and a Faculty of Science—the first university charter for Liège. Ultimately, Liège owes its university to William I of the Netherlands. When he decided to establish a new university on Liege soil, William I remembered the city’s prestigious legacy of teaching and culture .

Prototype 3D de la Cité de Liège – Coordination pour #ULg200

En 2015, le Vice-Recteur Eric Haubruge et le Pro-Recteur Bernard Rentier ont contacté Stephan Pire, Ingénieur Produits chez LR Physics Prototyping, pour discuter d’idées pour un ouvrage mémorable dans le cadre du bicentenaire de l’Université de Liège. Habituée aux défis d’innovation chez des clients tels que Procter & Gamble, Bouygues et Air Liquide, l’équipe de […]

Nanogrids: the Energrid Research Project

ENERGRID’S NANOGRIDS – This Research project aims to develop a prototype of a distributed nanogrids system including energy production and storage components. The developped modular system will be scalable so that it can be applied both in industrial and residential buildings. [trx_zoom url=”http://www.lrphysics.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Klinkenberg-energy.gif” over=”http://www.lrphysics.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Klinkenberg-energy.gif” top=”60″ bottom=”60″] This way, the buildings becomes self-sufficient in terms of […]