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At LR Physics, we bring our set of Predictive Analytics models to the Industry. From Supply Chain to Finance, we are able to leverage Data Science to improve the organisation Income Statement (P&L).

Supply Chain Data Science – Reducing Forecast Bias

Based on APICS methodology we use at LR Physics Supply Chain Data Science, forecasts are usually based on historical data manipulated in some way using either judgment or a statistical technique. Thus, the forecast is only as good as the data on which it is based. To get good data, three principles of data collection […]

Research Project: Fractal Forecasts Models

To build new breed of Fractal Forecasts Models, LR-Physics partners with Cedric Krier and Nicolas Evrard from B2CK (Trython development). Purpose of Fractal Forecasts Research LR-Physics will improve Fractal Forecasts Models to be able to give decisional advices to: Agricultural industry Energy brokerage Finance observatories To achieve this deliverable, a team of seasoned Physicists, Mathematicians, […]