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Machine Learning IBM Watson: fixing the Product Catalog

Mash’n Learn, a LR Physics project, runs its keyword language analysis with the help of Machine Learning IBM Watson. Our data enrichment model integrates the Alchemy Language API. We help Retailers to enrich their catalog content Online and traditional Retailers can get their product informations completed by valuable content data found all over the web. […]

Machine Learning enhances Data Mining

Since Machine Learning is no longer reserved to big companies, LR Physics has been able to provide new types of value added service to its clients. With the right parameters, the Data mining helps retail data to answer the most important questions a seller can ask. Also, it reduces dramatically the workload from the retail […]

Advanced Machine Learning helps eCommerce & Retail integration

Advanced machine learning moves beyond previous attempts at creating algorithmic-based solutions that harness information of everything to become more insightful, self-directed and autonomous. Our project Mash’n Learn is getting enough traction to fly by itself real fast. Our main challenge: the explosion of data sources The explosion of data sources and complexity of information makes […]