Protective Security Law on Elsevier

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'Protective Security Law', Second Edition is a text on the legal rights available to security officers, corporations, partnerships and individually owned businesses for the protection of their property from thievery by employees, customers, and others. It was prepared primarily for non-lawyers, but it also presents thoroughly documented coverage of the entire legal spectrum for corporate counsel and individual lawyers who must advise clients regarding security operations. In addition to its practical application, 'Protective Security Law', Second Edition is a text that is highly suitable for instructional purposes in junior colleges and other educational institutions offering courses relating to protective security. It is valuable in police training schools, because it presents a uniquely simplified treatment of the law regarding police powers of arrest, search and seizure, interrogation and other aspects of law enforcement. This reference is an invaluable source of information on the legal rights and responsibilities of security personnel and merchants regarding thievery and other intrusions upon their lawful interest. An appendix contains statutory provisions from all 50 states and the District of Columbia regarding protective issues of particular concern to merchants and security personnel.