Fixed/Mobile Convergence and Beyond on Elsevier

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Mobile communications users are demanding increased reliability, functionality, and accessibility; they want "always on" access to voice, e-mail, text, and multimedia services as they roam from home to auto to office to outdoor/indoor locations. In addition, there is an increasing deamnd to replace separate landline/mobile telephones with a single handset that can be used wherever its owner might be. Answering those customer needs, fixed/mobile convergence (FMC) marries the mobility provided by cellular networks with the extended connectivity provided by 802.11-based WiFi services and integrates them with landline networks using a single handset. This book provides the theoretical and practical background necessary to successfully plan, develop, and deploy effective FMC networks.This book discusses the various 802.11 and VoIP protocols used in FMC networks, open and proprietary communications protocols, integration of FMC networks to wired telephone networks, mobilizing applications such as text messaging and video, security issues, mobile handset requirements for FMC networks, and the administration/management of FMC networks. Special attention is given to selecting appropriate components for FMC, and numerous case histories and examples from the author's experience are provided.This book is an essential tutorial and reference for any RF/wireless, communications, and networking professional who will work with the next generation of wireless networks.CONTENTS:Chapter 1 Unbounded Mobile CommunicationsChapter 2 Mobile Communications – State of the TechnologyChapter 3 Unbounded Mobile Communications – what is it?Chapter 4 UMC – an overview of the technology requirements & considerationsChapter 5 UMC – Current Market Solution OverviewChapter 6 UMC – Layer 1 & 2 – Media requirementsChapter 7 VoIP – Layer 3 & 4, the IP infrastructureChapter 8 Voice Optimized Networks – the network orphanChapter 9 Mobile Handset SolutionsChapter 10 Hotspot & Hotzone AccessChapter 11 Security considerationsChapter 12 PBX features & integrationChapter 13 UMC Management and Statute conformance considerationsChapter 14 Mobilizing applicationsChapter 15 The Final Challenge – Sales/support channel considerationsChapter 16 Unbounded mobile communications – beyond FMCGlossary