Nanogrids: the Energrid Research Project

ENERGRID’S NANOGRIDS – This Research project aims to develop a prototype of a distributed nanogrids system including energy production and storage components. The developped modular system will be scalable so that it can be applied both in industrial and residential buildings.
[trx_zoom url=”” over=”” top=”60″ bottom=”60″] This way, the buildings becomes self-sufficient in terms of energy production. This approach, which will be studied on a global scale, will allow Wallonia reduce its energy dependency and prevent from the risk of energy supply shortage in case of black-out.

Energrid’s Nanogrids are fighting energy supply shortage

The project aims to develop an energy cloud solution, namely the means of production and storage distributed geographically and independent from classical centralized productions.

What is a nanogrid?

A connectable nanogrid controller is able to manage the means of production, the means of storage and connections to electrical networks. It is designed to manage optimally the flow between components connected to it, namely electrical networks, storage and production components.

The objective is an autonomous energy management block

In this way, the system is an entity which constitutes an autonomous energy management block that is connectable to a larger network and, in particular to other autonomous blocks. It is the base of a cloud energy system ; that integrates all the components necessary to a stable and distributed supply and whose resources (production and storage ) can be shared through a global platform that handles all flow controllers.

Nanogrids scheme

Energrid Towards to the peer-to-peer network…

The Energrid Project is part of the citizens’ will to be increasingly independent of the public grid. It technically paves the way for prosumers -both producers and consumers- to exchange their electric energy through a peer-to-peer network.

Peer-to-peer Network
Peer-to-peer Network

The Energrid Team

The Energrid Project is supported by the consortium Lucid Lab/FoRS Henallux/Klinkenberg/SpatioData and is subsidied by the Public Service of Wallonia – Department of Energy and Sustainable Building (DGO4).

The Lucid Lab Team

Prof. Pierre Leclercq
Prof. Pierre Leclercq is the director of LUCID Lab
Dr Pierre-Henri Lefebvre
Dr Pierre-Henri Lefebvre is CEO at SpatioData
Dr Leila Rebbouh
Dr Leila Rebbouh is CEO at LR Physics and research scientist in modelling
Ir Aurélie Jeunejean
Ir Aurélie Jeunejean is the resarch engineer in cloud computing

The FoRS Henallux team

Ir Paul Renson
Ir Paul Renson is the FoRS’ director
Dr Julien Lecointre
Dr Julien Lecointre is the scientific coordinator at FoRS

The Klinkenberg team

executive team klinkenberg
David Le Bussy, Christophe Klinkenberg, and Gérard Vandevenne are the executive team at Klinkenberg’s
Maxime Fraikin
Maxime Fraikin is responsible of technics at Klinkenberg’s

What to read on Nanogrids?

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