JOB – Data Science & Supply Chain Consultant

Data Science Job: For its Belgian & French projects, LR Physics seeks motivated people ready to join a growing organization. We excel in Data Science, Machine Learning and Supply Chain. That’s why clients like Air Liquide, Bouygues, Accenture and Procter & Gamble call us to manage their Research & Development projects.

Data Science Job

Data Science Job

* You like Maths
* You like Coding
* You really like Maths

You can join us to travel around France and Belgium to meet our top clients. From Linear Regressions to Consumer Cognitive Analytics, you will learn, train then master the science of Data. And if you’re into it, we are building robots that deal with the Blockchain as well.

Supply Chain Job

* You like to install and configurate Softwares
* You like SQL and Data Reporting
* You would love to run a Manufacturing/Logistic plant

You can join us to travel around France and Belgium to meet our top clients. From ERPs to Functional & Technical specifications, you will learn a skillset that will stand the test of time (and robots).

Meet us right away at 100 patrons

This Saturday February 18 2017, we will be giving a hand at 100 patrons pour 100 jobs day in Liège (more specifically at the Cercle de Wallonie Seraing).

Register to see us (find LR PHYSICS and schedule a 10 minutes appointment) on the link 100 patrons pour 100 jobs inscription.

100 patrons pour 100 jobs inscription

Speak to someone at LR-Physics about Data Science

Please feel free to contact us at LR-Physics for any need for Data Science solutions. We will come back to you real quick. We will be listening to your challenges and giving you opportunities to fix them in a fast manner.

If filling up forms is not your thing, you can call us at the following numbers depending your location:
France: (01) 76 39 00 41
Belgium: (04) 268 03 33
USA: (314) 399 82 87
UK: (203) 318 23 02

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