Multi Commerce
[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"] [trx_section background="#888bb6" padding="30px 0 60px 0"] [trx_content] [trx_icon icon="icon-down-open" size="20" color="#fff" box_style="circle" align="center" style="border: 3px solid #fff;" bg_color="transparent" bottom="60"] [trx_title type="2" color="#fff" align="center" bottom="20"]Deploy eCommerce & Get Data real fast[/trx_title] [trx_title type="6" color="#fff" align="center" bottom="60"]Professional eCommerce Pilot team ready to deploy the eCommerce channel with its Supply Chain[/trx_title] [trx_points type="1" top="30" bottom="60"] [trx_point_item icon=" icon-camera67" color="#fff" link="#"]Deploy out-of-box eCommerce[/trx_point_item] [trx_point_item icon="icon-human50" color="#fff" link="#"]Review Gaps vs Expectations[/trx_point_item] [trx_point_item icon="icon-left36" color="#fff" link="#"]Deploy Reviewed eCommercem[/trx_point_item] [/trx_points] [trx_more id="tab_1s"] [/trx_content] [/trx_section][trx_tab] [trx_icon icon="icon-down-open" size="20" color="#fff" box_style="circle" align="center" style="border: 3px solid #fff;" bg_color="transparent" bottom="60"] [trx_title type="1" align="center" bottom="60"]Fast eCommerce Pilot[/trx_title] [trx_columns columns="12" bottom="30"] [trx_column_item][trx_image src="" width="44"][/trx_column_item] [trx_column_item colspan="5"] [trx_text size="24" color="#000"]With Love to Customers[/trx_text] [trx_text size="14"]LR Physics' eCommerce Data Science aims to make the most out of the Supply Chain and Consumer Analytucs. You probably won’t have a better opportunity to make sure of their competence, as well as friendliness towards their customers. Our large experience helps us create outstanding integrating all business solutions. [/trx_text] [/trx_column_item] [trx_column_item][trx_image src="" width="42"][/trx_column_item] [trx_column_item colspan="5"] [trx_text size="24" color="#000"]High Professionalism[/trx_text] [trx_text size="14"]Many years of experience and hundreds of successful projects have made LR Physics a professional on the Online Selling area. Within this period of time, the company has gone through a serious evolution from amateurs to leaders. We create templates for your websites that will increase your reputation and highlight your professionalism and leadership. [/trx_text] [/trx_column_item] [/trx_columns] [trx_columns columns="12"] [trx_column_item][trx_image src="" width="42"][/trx_column_item] [trx_column_item colspan="5"] [trx_text size="24" color="#000"]Serving Clients’ Goals[/trx_text] [trx_text size="14"]ThemeRex is doing their best to grant each owner of their themes with maximum opportunities to present their individuality, show their achievements, and establish the best contact with their audience. Using their rich experience, world’s innovations and their own web solutions the ThemeRex team creates templates that will solve your business’s tasks at maximum degree. [/trx_text] [/trx_column_item] [trx_column_item][trx_image src="" width="34"][/trx_column_item] [trx_column_item colspan="5"] [trx_text size="24" color="#000"]Reliability and Prestige[/trx_text] [trx_text size="14"]Getting your eCommerce Pilot implemented by LR Physics means fast access to Markets and to Consumer Data. The Data Analysis we will provide will help your Sales Revenues to grow and your Brand to glow. [/trx_text] [/trx_column_item] [/trx_columns] [/trx_tab][trx_tab] [trx_title type="1" align="center" bottom="60"]Project Team[/trx_title] [trx_team indent="yes" rounding="yes" style="3" columns="4"] [trx_team_item user="trx_user" name="Stephan Pire" position="End to End Manager" photo=""] [/trx_team_item] [trx_team_item user="trx_user" name="Audrey Bettonville" align="left" position="Web Project Manager" photo=""] [/trx_team_item] [trx_team_item user="trx_user" name="Leila Rebbouh" position="Data Scientist" photo=""] [/trx_team_item] [/trx_team] [/trx_tab] [/trx_tabs] [/trx_content] [/trx_section][trx_section background="#888bb6" padding="90px 0 0 0"] [trx_content align="center"] [trx_button skin="global" style="shadow" size="big" align="center" bottom="60"]Get in touch with us[/trx_button] [trx_text color="#fff" size="24" weight="300" height="35" align="center"]LR Physics is doing their best to grant each Manufacturer with maximum opportunities to reach their customer base, and establish the best contact with their audience.

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