Machine Learning IBM Watson: fixing the Product Catalog

Mash’n Learn, a LR Physics project, runs its keyword language analysis with the help of Machine Learning IBM Watson. Our data enrichment model integrates the Alchemy Language API.

Machine Learning IBM Watson

We help Retailers to enrich their catalog content

Online and traditional Retailers can get their product informations completed by valuable content data found all over the web. This is the missing link between Marketing and Supply Chain inside any organisation, whatever its size.

Working on Machine Learning for 5 years, we have been delighted with the capabilities of IBM Watson.
IBM Watson is a technology platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to reveal insights from large amounts of unstructured data. Here is a nice explanation video about it:

Our Machine Learning IBM prototype is currently managing 3 websites

LR Physics launched 3 eCommerce websites prototypes using Machine Learning and Data Mining to auto-manage themselves. Without any human interaction, they are able to pick, enrich and sell Products found all over the internet.

Using Zanox, AffiliateWindow, Amazon, TradeDoubler and TradeTracker affiliate platforms, our eshops are generating commission revenues by gathering and aggregating valuable content found on various blog, product and review websites.

Check out Mash’n Learn Machine Learning presentation on SlideShare

[slideshare id=65500291&doc=mashnlearn-case-160830093317]

We build integrated Data Science models involving algorithms scraping the internet for sensible commercial data. With those data, we build analytics and predictive forecasts to help retailers making the right investment decision. Our tools is deployed at 7 retailers (as of July 2016) and 1 energy provider.

What to read on IBM Watson?

So you can check out our Library about the Blockchain topic or check out those books:

Anyway, please contact LR-Physics for any need for IBM Watson and Machine Learning applications. We will come back to you real quick:

If filling up forms is not your thing, you can call us at the following numbers depending your location:
France: (01) 76 39 00 41
Belgium: (04) 268 03 33
USA: (314) 399 82 87
UK: (203) 318 23 02

Check also the Scientific papers at Springer

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