Machine Learning enhances Data Mining

Since Machine Learning is no longer reserved to big companies, LR Physics has been able to provide new types of value added service to its clients. With the right parameters, the Data mining helps retail data to answer the most important questions a seller can ask. Also, it reduces dramatically the workload from the retail staff so they can focus on value added tasks only.

Machine Learning for eCommerce

Data Learning: the Data Mining with Artifical Intelligence

Everyday, the Mash’n Learn project staff is teaching the data mining suite to adapt itself to all sort of retail data gathered all over the internet. Like we explained in the CrossNode vs Legend21 case, we streamline the product developement process.

All repetitive analysis tasks given to Supply Chain and Marketing (S&OP) staff has been tested in multiple clients ERP instances as well as prototype sites asCasa Decoration. Machine Learning parameters can also be adapted for science and economics as LR Physics is doing with Bruno Colmant’s website.

From Bruno Colmant’s bibliography, the Data Learning module gathers data from the internet and give the website user a way to find the book or the scientific paper. Also, it gathers all blog post written by Bruno Colmant on multiple websites to aggregate them on the blog page.

LR Physics’ project Mash’n Learn is about to spin out

As the Mash’n Learn project is now self sufficient, LR Physics is about to spin it out into its own legal structure with a different funding sources. The project has been bootstrapped until its revenues match the cost of advertising. 68% of its revenues are coming from client services and 32% are coming from affiliation revenues from the prototypes in Belgium, France and UK.

The Mash’n Learn SaaS application will be presented during #CONEXT event in Lille in October 2016.

Check out Mash’n Learn presentation on SlideShare

[slideshare id=65500291&doc=mashnlearn-case-160830093317]

We build integrated Data Science models involving algorithms scraping the internet for sensible commercial data. With those data, we build analytics and predictive forecasts to help retailers making the right investment decision. Our tools is deployed at 7 retailers (as of July 2016) and 1 energy provider.

What to read on Machine Learning?

So you can check out our Library about the Blockchain topic or check out those books:

Anyway, please contact LR-Physics for any need for Machine Learning applications. We will come back to you real quick:

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