Advanced Machine Learning helps eCommerce & Retail integration

Advanced machine learning moves beyond previous attempts at creating algorithmic-based solutions that harness information of everything to become more insightful, self-directed and autonomous. Our project Mash’n Learn is getting enough traction to fly by itself real fast.

Advanced Machine Learning

Our main challenge: the explosion of data sources

The explosion of data sources and complexity of information makes manual classification and analysis infeasible and uneconomic. Machine learning automates these tasks and makes it possible to address key challenges related to the information of everything trend.

Machine learning algorithms are composed of a set of many technologies — deep learning, neural networks, natural-language processing and other technologies — used in unsupervised as well as supervised learning ways to understand information, activities and the world. Advanced machine learning is what makes smart machines appear “intelligent.” This technology not only enables a smart machine to understand concepts in the environment, but enables it to learn.

Amazon and Netflix at the top of Machine Learning for consumers

The technology has got a lot of momentum lately; Book and movie recommendations by Amazon and Netflix; face recognition by Picasa; web search by Google and Bing; voice recognition by Apple; credit scores by Equifax – machine learning is being used to improve the capabilities and expectations of what a computer can do.

Through machine learning, a smart machine can change its future behavior. For example, by
analyzing vast databases of medical case histories, “learning” machines can reveal previously
unknown insights in treatment effectiveness. This area is evolving quickly, and organizations must
assess how they can apply these technologies to gain competitive advantage.

Advanced Machine Learning’s source: the Digital Mesh

Everything surrounding us in the digital mesh is producing, using and communicating with virtually
unmeasurable amounts of information. Harnessing this information requires organizations to
understand the flood of unstructured information that goes beyond textual, audio and video
information to include sensory and contextual information.

While information has been available in disparate repositories for decades, the information of everything is the result of the confluence of the miniaturization of compute, network ubiquity, advanced algorithms, and vast new sources of information. Information of everything addresses the:

■ Identification of the information from the digital mesh that provides strategic business value
■ Approaches to access from different data sources
■ Exploration of how algorithms leverage information of everything to fuel new business designs

Fueling smart machines, and ultimately an algorithmic business, existing and emerging semantic
approaches, data classification models and information analysis techniques will enable information
of everything, mapping relationships between the different data elements. Advanced machine
learning is closely related to this trend; it provides new ways to classify information and discern
patterns that would be difficult or impossible for human beings to accomplish.

How LR Physics helps Retailers with Machine Learning

We build integrated Data Science models involving algorithms scraping the internet for sensible commercial data. With those data, we build analytics and predictive forecasts to help retailers making the right investment decision. Our tools is deployed at 7 retailers (as of July 2016) and 1 energy provider.

What to read on Machine Learning?

So you can check out our Library about the Blockchain topic or check out those books:

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