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Minigrids for developing world communities

SolarCity’s non-profit GivePower Foundation has launched a minigrid (small version of Microgrids) programme to power communities in the developing world. Minigrids and microgrids powering small villages or clusters of buildings are identified as a key technology for achieving electrification, with the expectation of contributing as much as 40% of the requirement to bring electricity to all. […]

Energy Storage: SolidEnergy doubles the Battery power

Energy Storage breakthrough: a MIT Labs’ spin out is doubling the Battery power while reducing the safety risk. (from Rob Matheson at MIT news) An MIT spinout is preparing to commercialize a novel rechargable lithium metal battery that offers double the energy capacity of the lithium ion batteries that power many of today’s consumer electronics. […]

Nanogrids: the Energrid Research Project

ENERGRID’S NANOGRIDS – This Research project aims to develop a prototype of a distributed nanogrids system including energy production and storage components. The developped modular system will be scalable so that it can be applied both in industrial and residential buildings. [trx_zoom url=”” over=”” top=”60″ bottom=”60″] This way, the buildings becomes self-sufficient in terms of […]