LR-Physics is adding the IoT Blockchain to Procter & Gamble & Whirlpool’s Research

Combining IoT Blockchain and Data Science is impacting all industry sectors and reinvention is necessary to fully embrace this revolution. Connecting devices to an IoT platform accelerates levels of innovation and product formats.

LR Physics manages the Blockchain work package along with Solvay and Eindhoven universities.

Smart connections between Devices and Services

The project Customized Smart Solutions for Sustainable Cleaning and Maintenance (CuSSo) focus is on developing value-adding solutions to the end consumer and facilitating circular economy through the implementation of new business models that leverage synergies across products, devices, and services smartly connected to an IoT platform.
Through 2 end-user cases, one for maintenance and one for replenishment, CuSSo will demonstrate the delivery of new benefits to the European end consumer.

IoT Blockchain Ledger

Connecting devices to an IoT platform accelerates levels of innovation and product formats. IoT platforms allow for continuous monitoring of devices and their uses by the producer. Improved data analytics allows the producer to take care of replenishing complementary products and performing maintenance product. Then, producer no longer needs to sell their machines but will offer them to clients on a pay-by-use basis and switch to a circular economy.

For the industry, this will open new frontiers on the way they will develop their business, since the concept of a product will change to include both physical item and associated value adding service, with a high potential for creating new opportunities of business and jobs creation in Europe.

Higher sustainability through JIT maintenance

CuSSo project will demonstrate a framework for implementation of commercial applications that will contribute to the circular economy. CuSSo will develop business models for synergetic bundles of device+product+service which have the potential to promote higher sustainability through just-in-time maintenance, dynamic energy management, contextual replenishment, optimized logistics, re-use, refurbishment, device sharing.

IoT Blockchain

CuSSo consortium is led by 1 Foundation, involves 5 international companies, 3 research institutes, and 1 SME.

LR Physics helps large companies to fastly build prototypes and Proof of Concepts

LR Physics helps organizations to collect, process and analyze data.

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