Blockchain definition: a gift from the bitcoin innovation

The blockchain definition comes from the bitcoin innovation, where it serves as the public ledger for all bitcoin transactions. Since then, the Blockchain has been used for way more type of transactions as it could totally revolutionize the way the world of transactions.

Blockchain is not only about Bitcoins anymore

Every user is allowed to connect to the network, send new transactions to it, verify transactions, and create new blocks, making it permissionless. The bitcoin/blockchain technology design has been the inspiration for other applications.

[trx_section align=”right” dedicated=”no” columns=”2_3″ scroll=”no” dir=”horizontal” bottom=”0″] [trx_video url=”” autoplay=”off”] [/trx_section] [trx_text]A blockchain—originally, block chain—is a distributed database that maintains a continuously-growing list of data records secured from tampering and revision.

It consists of data structure blocks—which hold exclusively data in initial blockchain implementations and both data and programs in some more recent implementations—with each block holding batches of individual transactions and the results of any blockchain executables.

Each block contains a timestamp and a link to a previous block.[/trx_text]

Blockchain Definition

LR Physics Blockchain Applications

Meanwhile, LR Physics is researching and developing applications based on Ethereum Blockchain Technology. Many solutions exist on the FinTech side of things, so LR Physics is focusing on Real Estate and Energy.

What to read on Blockchain Definition?

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