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Oral B Leasing eCommerce in Belgium – LR Physics launches an eCommerce with P&G

LR Physics launches an eCommerce with Procter & Gamble on Dental Care leasing. This abonnement eCommerce is available in Belgium in collaboration with Dental Offices, our clients will be able to subscribe to the best Toothbrushes. Subscription & Leasing eCommerce From Logistic fulfilment to Marketing Analytics, LR Physics handles the whole turnkey implementation along with […]

[ADS] Looking for Baking Supplies Last-Mile Delivery fulfillers in the Chicago area

For one of its American eCommerce clients, LR Physics is looking for a Baking Supplies Last-Mile Delivery fulfiller in the Chicago area. The goods to be handled (pick, pack and shipped) will be fresh Baking supplies and ingredients. If you can store and deliver Baking Supplies in the Chicago area, call us You can call […]

NRmine – Mining Blockchain using Solar Energy

In an effort to reduce losses in solar energy production, the blockchain research team at LR Physics came up with a set of ideas realized in a proof-of-concept. The project NRmine (Energy Blockchain Mining) develops innovative mining farms for cryptocurrencies. These mining rigs (i.e. a set of computers working on mining cryptocurrencies) will be built […]

LR-Physics is adding the IoT Blockchain to Procter & Gamble & Whirlpool’s Research

Combining IoT Blockchain and Data Science is impacting all industry sectors and reinvention is necessary to fully embrace this revolution. Connecting devices to an IoT platform accelerates levels of innovation and product formats. LR Physics manages the Blockchain work package along with Solvay and Eindhoven universities. Smart connections between Devices and Services The project Customized […]

JOB – Data Science & Supply Chain Consultant

Data Science Job: For its Belgian & French projects, LR Physics seeks motivated people ready to join a growing organization. We excel in Data Science, Machine Learning and Supply Chain. That’s why clients like Air Liquide, Bouygues, Accenture and Procter & Gamble call us to manage their Research & Development projects. Data Science Job * […]

Machine Learning IBM Watson: fixing the Product Catalog

Mash’n Learn, a LR Physics project, runs its keyword language analysis with the help of Machine Learning IBM Watson. Our data enrichment model integrates the Alchemy Language API. We help Retailers to enrich their catalog content Online and traditional Retailers can get their product informations completed by valuable content data found all over the web. […]

Hash and Timestamp: the Blockchain foundations

Trusted hash and timestamp is the process of securely keeping track of the creation and modification time of a document. Security here means that no one – not even the owner of the document – should be able to change it once it has been recorded provided that the timestamper’s integrity is never compromised. (source: […]

Data Science: LR teams up with CrossNode

LR teams up with CrossNode to build a Data Science end-to-end integration between Antique Cars retailers and the online shop Legend21. Data Science helps sales strategy with analytics The end-to-end PIM application gathers catalog data and analytics from all over the web to identify trends in old car sales. The goals for this implementation were […]

Machine Learning for Supply Chain: your benefits

Every Product Manager in the World spend a lot of time and resources keeping the company Product Catalog up to date. The Machine Learning Supply Chain module of our Mash’n Learn project tackles all aspect of gathering data from the internet to enrich product data sheet. Enhancing Product Catalog for Supply Chain Improving Product data […]