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LR Physics adds a branch in Chicago dedicated to Food Industry Data Analytics

Not far from the Wallonia Trade Office in Chicago is LR Research Data Science LLC. This LR Physics US affiliate provides insights and prototypes to companies willing to get on top of the latest Food Industry Data Analytics research. By using one of LR Online Shops and Marketplace prototypes, large Brands are making better and […]

Supply Chain Data Science – Reducing Forecast Bias

Based on APICS methodology we use at LR Physics Supply Chain Data Science, forecasts are usually based on historical data manipulated in some way using either judgment or a statistical technique. Thus, the forecast is only as good as the data on which it is based. To get good data, three principles of data collection […]

Intelligence Artificielle en Belgique

(Lien vers l’article à venir) L’état de l’Intelligence Artificielle en Belgique. La Belgique s’embarque à peine dans les sciences des données (i.e. Data Science ou plus vulgairement Big Data) et une communauté s’intéresse à la Blockchain. Pour ce qui est de l’Intelligence Artificielle, la communauté réagit moins rapidement. Il faut dire que les profils requis […]

Diversify your Assets with Ethereum and other Blockchain currencies

Using Blockchain crypto-currencies is no longer a renegade entrepreneur thing. Research has show that if you diversify your assets with Ethereum (or other crypto-currency), you could be covering yourself against a currency or a banking crash. Will Blockchain currencies replace Gold as escape currency? Since the collapses of Mt. Gox in 2014 following hacking and […]

FractaTrade sees anti-persistent hurst signal on BELPEX

(Nov 6 2016) – Today’s calculation on Belpex’s prices and volumes shows an anti-persistent hurst signal, meaning there will be most probably a significant change in its price dut to exogenous factors. Since the Hurst exponent is between 0 and 0.5, the signal is anti-persistent. It goes quickly towards the 0.5 meaning it will enter […]

Minigrids for developing world communities

SolarCity’s non-profit GivePower Foundation has launched a minigrid (small version of Microgrids) programme to power communities in the developing world. Minigrids and microgrids powering small villages or clusters of buildings are identified as a key technology for achieving electrification, with the expectation of contributing as much as 40% of the requirement to bring electricity to all. […]

The Supply Chain Blockchain: how to guide by Alexandre Tabbakh

Though LR-Physics is not currently working on a Supply Chain Blockchain project, we are always looking for opportunities to enrich our Supply Data Science projects. (source of the blockchain reflexion: Alexandre Tabbakh on LinkedIn who did a great work going through all the Supply Chain Blockchain details) One of the first move a large firm […]

Machine Learning enhances Data Mining

Since Machine Learning is no longer reserved to big companies, LR Physics has been able to provide new types of value added service to its clients. With the right parameters, the Data mining helps retail data to answer the most important questions a seller can ask. Also, it reduces dramatically the workload from the retail […]

Energy Storage: SolidEnergy doubles the Battery power

Energy Storage breakthrough: a MIT Labs’ spin out is doubling the Battery power while reducing the safety risk. (from Rob Matheson at MIT news) An MIT spinout is preparing to commercialize a novel rechargable lithium metal battery that offers double the energy capacity of the lithium ion batteries that power many of today’s consumer electronics. […]

Research Journal Blockchain: Creating an open community of peers

Through a community trust, the Research Journal Blockchain handles the following tasks: * Authenticate (hash and timestamp) the Scientific Paper by stopping fraudelent science * Get a Peer reviewer in the Blockchain Scientific community * Reward Peers Reviews with Science Coins * Scientific authors contributes by giving away Science Coins Ledger, the Research Journal Blockchain […]